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Running Bad Sucks

Posted 02-28-09 at 05:21 PM by Zybomb

So now that my history/ opening blog post is taken care of I can move along onto the rants.


Since I'm not playng today the last day of Feb, I've now officially logged two straight losing months to start off the 2009....small in Jan and Medium sized in Feb.... and frustration is insane.

People flop sets on me so often it's not even funny, and I always have hands to pay them off with. In my last session alone, I had 5 sets that I know about (i.e that I actually saw) against me and my hands were TPTK, Top Trips TK, Overpair, overpair, nut straight 5 out of the 6 (yes I lost the nut straight one and yes all the $ got in). My particular favorite was KK vs JJ with significant action pre and on the flop, of course river Jack.

It's not so much been bad beats that have me dead, it's just I can't hit flops very often and the times I do Im coolered so much, and my opponents can't seem to miss a flop against me. I remember betting a 3 way KT8 flop with JT in position, one player c/c'ed. The turn came J , he checked and I bet out again he called again. River was a T. Player checked again and I bet again and he now c/red... Im like wtf? I have to be good here, KK or KT couldn't possibly be this passive until now and JJ is the only other thing that beats me...I just call rather than try and get value out of straights trips or T8/88 (equally as unlikely as KT/KK) since Im always shown the nuts lately, and sure enough villain tables KT. Nice runners.... sick enough that I just flat there too

I could be getting played back at more than I realize yes, but from hands I've actually seen and the times that hands do reach showdown it's insane.

Rant Over/
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    I run bad every so often for 10k hands too. except that is like a day for me and a couple months for you. live poker.
    Posted 02-28-09 at 09:25 PM by Wes Wes is offline

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