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Readjusting to the current styles

Posted 05-04-09 at 05:52 PM by Zybomb

Times have changed in poker and the way people play has adapted and changed as well. For instance several years ago, it was fairly common to see players raising with top pair when their opponents bet (raising for information, value whatever). Because of this, a hand like TPTK was a big hand, and would easily call a raise, and likely another bet on the next street. Lately however players are much more likely to simply flat a bet with TP (raising for information is pretty much outdated, and raising is pretty much bluffing here, since only better hands will continue and you don't let your opponent continue to bluff into you), so most of their raises can fall into 3 categories, bluffs, draws or 2 pair+. So in these same situations TPTK is not nearly as big of a hand as it was in past when players routinely raised with top pair and a worse kicker. A lot of the times these TPTK hands will be folded to aggression (maybe not for the initial raise for very often on the following street if the aggression is continued)

So how do we adapt and get value from TPTK when we flop bottom set? It used to be pretty easy, just raise (/check raise) bet bet and these hands wouldn't fold... but now with a lot of players not stacking off with these hands, a little deception is required if the games are not overly aggressive

I was playing in a 2/5 game where bluffing was fairly minimal, and one pair was not stacking off, raises were 2 pair + etc.

So obvious adjustment, raise draws a shitload, and bluff more as long as we don't get our image ruined, since we can take down a lot of pots this way.... but what happens when we flop a big one?

Limped around to the SB who raised to $40 and I called from the BB with 77 and one limper did as well.

The flop came A87

SB leads out for $90 with $500ish behind

I could fast play the set on this dangerous board (multiple draws and a player behind me) but if i do raise to $300, a lot of the times AQ etc will go into the muck. I glance at the 3rd player who doesn't seem interested, so I have a feeling he's going to fold. I decide to just flat now and HOPE that the turn blanks off. Villain will certainly put me on a draw and make a big (committing) bet on the turn to get me to fold my draw, i can then delay a minute and shove and almost certainly be called.

So the turn does blank 3 and as expected villain nearly pots it, and bets $300. After 15 seconds I shove and villains like mannnnnn you flop a set??? I gotta call, too much in there, tables AK and ship it. This same player would not stack off had I raised the flop standard though

In a more aggressive game, a game where people were payoff monkies/calling down light, or if my image was bad, yea Id certainly just raise the flop as normal.... but in a lot of games now, people simply arent stacking off with 1 pair unless you use some deception

Thoughts? Comments?
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  1. Old Comment
    bluff more, slowplay more? not sure what else to say
    Posted 05-04-09 at 06:55 PM by Wes Wes is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Zybomb's Avatar
    well yea naturally -- i was just commenting that it seems these adjustments have to be made in a lot of the games as of recent, and keeping up with times and styles is important
    Posted 05-04-09 at 08:59 PM by Zybomb Zybomb is offline

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