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LOL Oregon

Posted 03-03-09 at 01:26 PM by Wes

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Quick post

Posted 03-02-09 at 06:34 PM by MAYHEM45

Just put in a pretty short frustrating session at 2/4. Won 2 buyinsin the first five minutes, then lost 4 in the last 10. Standard. I dont tilt at shit like that anymore tho, so I guess thats a brag?

Anyone that wants some chill grind music should download the album Youth Novels by Lykke Li, but dont let the first song turn you off, cuz its pretty out there. Heres some videos if your lazy and dont believe my awesome music taste.

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Running Bad Sucks

Posted 02-28-09 at 06:21 PM by Zybomb

So now that my history/ opening blog post is taken care of I can move along onto the rants.


Since I'm not playng today the last day of Feb, I've now officially logged two straight losing months to start off the 2009....small in Jan and Medium sized in Feb.... and frustration is insane.

People flop sets on me so often it's not even funny, and I always have hands to pay them off with. In my last session alone, I had 5 sets that I know...
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Beat the worst game in town.

Posted 02-28-09 at 12:20 AM by Invigilator

Tonight I played in a weekly dealers choice game with my Mother-in-Law and her sisters. It's an ante based game that is technically No Limit for everything, but tends to behave like limit.

Out of 7 players, it is common for 5-7 to see the end of each hand. Lots of checking and min betting. Tonight the fare included...

Spit in the Ocean
KC Lowball
Hit the post (not poker, more like card counting and odds)...
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The Biggest Loser

Posted 02-27-09 at 10:57 PM by Wes

If you haven't watched this American show (and I sure hope it is only an American show), it shows 400 lb behemoths that are totally out of shape and then stick them at a fat camp essentially and make them work out. I know this may come as a shock to some of you, but in the show, fat people that exercise lose weight. Damn, I never would have thought that would occur. Actually, I did. It's fucking obvious.

Then it got me to to thinking, who is watching this drivel? No person that is...
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