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WSOP thoughts part 1

Posted 07-22-09 at 03:07 AM by Wes

My thoughts on how the WSOP main event went is basically, lol tourneys. I sucked out with AQ vs. KK all-in pre with like 25bb in preflop on day two, so if I lose there is obviously no sweat and this thread would be just another whine about how I can't seem to win at live poker. Instead I am here to pontificate on how brilliant I played. It really is amazing how running good can distort one's own perception on how well one plays.

Day One

My first day was essentially...
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Can't sleep...

Posted 07-19-09 at 05:28 AM by claudioxcore

I have to be up in 7 hours, and I am unable to sleep.

I have grind on the mind. A goal I've set myself that I'm trying to achieve by October. This goal is to have $3,000 WITHDRAWN from Pokerstars in the next two weeks. Not $3,000 profit, but enough profit that I can comfortably withdraw $3,000.

Why $3,000?

To finally get an apartment. I've been putting off the idea ever since Dad had hand surgery. He can't do a lot of the simple things around the house...
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A fresh start

Posted 07-14-09 at 12:40 AM by jdiana86
Updated 07-14-09 at 01:21 AM by jdiana86

So I got shot in the ass playing omaha hi hu sngs. there were many many many bad beats. but i am happy im down to my last dollar or two. im gonna build my bankroll starting from 1 cent 2 cent. I'll post my results nightly

1cent/2 cent: Will move up once $10 is reached
2cent/5cent: Will move up once $50 is reached
5cent/10cent: Will move up once $100 is reached

Thats all the planning for now. I may move up to "lvl2" tonight.
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Understanding Hand Ranges

Posted 07-08-09 at 07:35 AM by Zybomb
Updated 07-08-09 at 02:49 PM by Zybomb

Previous action and flop texture is super important in NLHE in determining a range of hands your opponents can have. Its also important in determining the range of hands that your opponent can believe that you have.

This post will probably be basic to some of the higher limit or more advanced players but should be helpful to some of the smaller stakes or less advanced ones.

Full Ring 2/5 Game Effective Stacks $1000

MP limps next MP opens for $30, CO calls,...
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I'm Drunk, you shall not read

Posted 06-22-09 at 02:21 AM by Wes

Fucking balls. Drunks on a Sunday night and no hookers to speak for. This would be a massive failure of a night if not for the.... a fuck it is a massive fail. Christ. Hurray for the headache tomorrow.

Lets see what to talk.

I'm up a bunch of money for June for 2/4, but people seem to pay me off like I'm the IRS and they owe back taxes when I'm bluffing. Maybe I should stop bluffing so much, but fuck it that wouldn't be as much fun if I was right? Got to get that red...
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