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Posted 03-05-09 at 03:31 AM by Zybomb
Updated 03-05-09 at 04:16 AM by Zybomb

I am so fuckin frustrated right now. When is this shit going to end???

Was playing a 5/5 Game, avg buy in $1000, straddles about 25% of the time and avg raise ranging from $25-$55 with no straddle and $60-$100 with one

To discuss tonight's events, I began up $1000 after I was paid off when I turned the nut straight by KQ. Had 75 in a 4 way $35 raised pot. Flop was Q 6 4 rainbow, flop went check check $80 call, call fold. Turn was an 8 check, check, $190 call fold, river blank check $375 (his all in) call. Yes this is the type of players Im playing with. YES I am fuckin consistently losing.

That goes to shit real quick, after I run into 33 with AJ on a A73J3 board. 4 way raised pot pre Im third to act, flop went bet $75 call call fold, Turn makes my hand and went check check so I bet $200 both players c/c. Player then shoves the river for $400 fold, and im like wtf a few draws misse dand maybe hes betting AK/AQ... call i guess. play shows 33 for quads, nice turn....

Other notables included AT , I limp MP, next MP raised straddle to $55, folds to Straddle who calls as do I. Flop comes A72, check check PFRs checks Turn T check, I bet $140, PFR calls me with QQ, Straddler calls with QJ. River is a K. Straddler (maniac) leads out for $375 I snap call (im ahead against his range so often here it isnt funny) and nice hand sir gutshots r awesome especially on a double suited board.

Limped with KQs to a straddle, a few other limps, straddler (on tilt) shoves his last $185 in the pot, I snap call bc I know he has nothing, everyone folds. Im right and he has 53o, of course I can't beat that though and double him up and lose $185. About 10 hands later I have my only big pair of the night QQ, straddle to $15, folds around to 53o guy who makes it $80, Maniac calls, I repop to $350, 53o guy moves in for $370 or so total I call he has KK of course and I can't improve

I have 98 on a 652 flop 4 ways. Guy bets $100 and I raise to $320 folds to bettor, who has $310 total and says eh can't fold now and calls me with AQo, I naturally can't improve on 18 outs and villain wins with an unnecessary Ace on the river

I had AQ once and ran into JJ flop was J32 rainbow and was checked around, turn Ace river T. I only lost a river bet as I checked the turn as well and idiot checked behind again, I then lead the river and guy just calls sayin "hes running bad and I might have KQ" yea nice bets prior to the river buddy.

I flop a straight with 9h7h the board comes 8TJ. Checks around to me I bet out and receive 2 callers. Turn is naturally a Qc, checked around again, Im not too happy but I'll still bet it, first player shoves all in for like $40 ontop fo the bet, other play calls. I figure Im chopping 3 ways now and call the $40 more. Turn is a K and player moves all in. Im like WTF, u had the nut FD and smacked broadway now?.... fold.... guy tables A9, nice hand sigh...

Im finished off when I have Ad8d on an A54 board with 2 clubs....i bet the flop and get called by one person the turn comes an 8 im short stacked here (like $400 to start the hand) and put about half of my remaining stack on the turn get crai'ed and reluctantly call and sure enough 76o is revealed.

How many times the turn made my hand tonight and I was beat and without it no $$$ wouldve gone in is ridiculous

I wanna stress that this is all within a 3 hour session of LIVE POKER. That means roughly 105 hands, figure if I played 20% of hands dealt , that's 21 hands played and figure half of those I didn't get too involved in, so out of the 10 that I did, there are 7 of the gems...WHAT?

Its not just tonight, this shit has been goin on all year, and I really can't remember the last time I logged a big winning session its insane. Like yesterday when someone limp calls HU with Q7 against my AQ and the flop is naturally Q72. I don't lose tons, I bet $70 on the flop he flats turn is a blank and goes check check, he leads $140 on the river I call, but regardless it's just an example of exactly how shit's been...
Some of these shitty hands could have been played better I guess, but its like Im starting to get to the point where everytime I hit something if its not the nuts someone is putting pressure and Im always behind...its impossible.

My bankroll has taken a good hit these first 2 months and it doesnt look like it's improving. I wanna pull my hair out (not literally) and Im not sure what to do next
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    I don't know what to tell you. This is one the benefits of online- volume.

    Ah fuck, my puppy just pissed on the floor......
    Posted 03-05-09 at 06:27 PM by melioris melioris is offline

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