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Sattys are fun

Posted 04-22-09 at 06:50 PM by Zybomb

I suppose I'll blog...

As everyone knows Im not a big online player (or tournament player for that matter), but I did play in the Sunday Million this past weekend. I folded a lot of questionable spots, where I had a feeling I was behind and it was for my tournament life or close to it... but a lot of these spots could have built my stack nicely and gave me a deep run. I was in decent shape like 30 of 450 with 306 cashing at one point but a few situations combined with a few raise cb and misses left my short stacked at 15k with 500/1000 blinds when we made the money. I survived to the 2nd money bubble (an extra $100 whoopee) and ended up getting knocked out 232nd.

I played this tournament bc a neighbor of mine told me he was playing a $17 dollar satty (36 player double shootout) and asked if i wanted to play with him so i said sure....ended up finishing 2nd at the first table, but then decided to play a 2nd one and took it down, so considering i was in for $34 the $800 prize is half decent.

The tourney overall wasn't too tough, and while Im not a huge tourney player I figured maybe I'd play some more of the nice prize pool ones if im around. So last night I didn't go out to play so I decided to play some sattys and see what happens...played 6 sattys and ended up Sattying into the FTOPS Event 1, FTOPS Main Event and Sunday 750k twice. 4 out of 6 not bad....I'll probably use the 2nd 750k's T$ to register for the FTOPS Event #10 and kick in $100 of my own $...or play another one and see if can jus win it (0-2 since then)? Im in these for a total of $150 bucks or so, half of which was the $75 Main Event one, so shit I'll give it a spin...first place would be nice.

On a side note Im having my first winning month of 2009 (jesus). Im still in the hole for the year, but not much anymore....its seriously about time, that may have been the worst run of my life
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