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    Posted 07-09-09 at 04:40 PM by Zybomb Zybomb is offline
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    Talking Poker's Avatar

    Understanding Hand Ranges

    Would love to see this cross-posted in the forum for discussion. I think a lot of people may miss it otherwise.
    Posted 07-09-09 at 03:37 PM by Talking Poker Talking Poker is offline
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    Reel Deal's Avatar

    Understanding Hand Ranges

    Very good post.
    Posted 07-08-09 at 04:46 PM by Reel Deal Reel Deal is offline
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    claudioxcore's Avatar

    Understanding Hand Ranges

    Good post, Zybomb.
    Posted 07-08-09 at 02:42 PM by claudioxcore claudioxcore is offline
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    Zybomb's Avatar

    Readjusting to the current styles

    well yea naturally -- i was just commenting that it seems these adjustments have to be made in a lot of the games as of recent, and keeping up with times and styles is important
    Posted 05-04-09 at 08:59 PM by Zybomb Zybomb is offline
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    Readjusting to the current styles

    bluff more, slowplay more? not sure what else to say
    Posted 05-04-09 at 06:55 PM by Wes Wes is offline
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    I don't know what to tell you. This is one the benefits of online- volume.

    Ah fuck, my puppy just pissed on the floor......
    Posted 03-05-09 at 06:27 PM by melioris melioris is offline
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    Running Bad Sucks

    I run bad every so often for 10k hands too. except that is like a day for me and a couple months for you. live poker.
    Posted 02-28-09 at 09:25 PM by Wes Wes is offline

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