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JDMcnugent 04-24-14 04:37 AM

I'm back boys!
Hey friends, haven't been on this site in god knows how long. Long enough that I couldn't remember my password or email I used to sign up so I had to make a new account. I'll get caught up on the forum soonish. hows everyone doing? Anyone still actually play poker?

Zybomb 04-27-14 12:09 PM

Still play all the time. Will be in Vegas from June 18th through the main event. Playing the $1500 15k stack WSOP as well as the main, along with the Aria Mil Guarantee and possibly a Venetian DS event or two. And cash...

Pretty solid last 9 months for me w north of $500k in tourney cashes with only limited volume ( < 30 tournies ). Traveling between NJ, Penn and CT mostly and grinding cash a lot.

Whats up w u? Still play at all?

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