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Old 10-16-06, 04:02 AM
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Default Anyone else here qualify for the Paradise/Sportsbook Black Friday 100K GTD?

if so, and ur US-based too (read: s.hit out of luck post-nov 13), r u as livid as i im that they announced on the 'new' that they will go forward with it but MINUS those who qualified accessing the net from the US?

i mean, id understand if they went and canceled the whole thing what with the whole situation and all, but to decide to carry on while conveniently sidestepping some 75-80% of the ppl who had qualified so far sucks beyond words. not the kind of conduct one would expect from paradise/sportsbook.

and the funny thing is, i entered and won a seat on this totally on a lark few weeks back in a moment of pure poker boredom. i dont even play on paradise, frist or no frist...but u gotta love it: there would have been some 300 or so planned freerolled satellite entrants by black fri nov 24, with 45 payout spots for the 100K cashola (there are no realmoney entries, u can only qualify thru a freeroll sat). is this supersweet or what?

p.s.: anyone know of a reliable IP cloak that works on poker software? i tried all i know/could find, but none work on THAT!!! dammit, im gonna open a brand new acct on paradise/sportsbook with my european residence address, but the friggin' cloak has to work on poker software! (anonymizer doesnt, ghostsurf doesnt, a few more i dug up on the net dont...)
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