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one last politics post

Posted 04-10-09 at 04:08 AM by Wes

Ideally, I am a libertarian. I find the American Constitution to be probably the best guideline ever to grace human civilization, but it just will not apply to this generation.

It just seems flabbergasting that no one cares that the US government can essentially peer into your own life at any moment and we can't do anything about it. Shouldn't this be an issue?

But after pondering it a bit more, it really is not all that surprising. The internet generation is more obsessed with updating their twitter page or their facebook status to tell anyone that cares where you are at at all times. Privacy, shit, that is only for lemmings that don't have an iphone.

My brother, who recently enterred into the realm of working for an insurance company, recently told me about how it is rather easy to categorize someone based on what they watch and where they spend your money based on credit card purchases. Soon enough there will be individual advertising based on what your recent purchases are. That is pretty fucked. But he told me that the government is the biggest purchaser of this information. Not really a surprise, but hardly anyone cares. We're all fucked.

Any movement that thinks there is actually a chance to overthrow these bastards they got in office now is a plight that will lose. As soon as you become a force to be reckonned with they'll squash you like a bug with that label of being a terrorist. Off to the FEMA camps you go.

That's why I'm an anarchist. The people are too willing to suck on the big titty of government at the first oppurtunity they are given and they'll never relinquish that grip from it. Every form of government that has ever existed on a federal basis has always eroded into tyranny. And it will happen in America, if it has not happenned or is not already happenning.

So why exactly am I an anarchist? Isn't that like the opposite of a libertarian? I would suppose that some would argue that. A main reason why I forsee it working better is that it would force the general to actually participate in their society. Of course the problem with that is that it would be easy for a mafioso type to rule the region, and if he didn't there would always be perpetual bloodshed. Yeah, anacharism is probably not the answer.


I recently started reading the Presidency of Grover Cleveland. He seems to me to probably be the last president that I can agree with. Of course, all I did was read his wikipedia page, so it could all be an oversimplification. But, take this quote for example after he vetoed The Texas Seed Bill that was passed by Congress in 1887. After a drought killed the crops in Texas, the Congress appropriated $10,000 to purchase seed grain for farmers there.

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    Great Grover Cleveland quote.
    Posted 05-18-09 at 04:05 PM by Reel Deal Reel Deal is offline

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