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January 16 Daily Ramble

Posted 01-16-10 at 02:46 PM by Wes

I recently saw some video where Christopher Hitchens says that to speak well, you have to write well also. I suppose my pessimistic tendency would lead into an attitude that my lack of ability to speak translates into my own inability towards writing. Then there would be other times when I am leaning toward solipsism in that I should try to write more so I can articulate better what I want to speak about. I then take another shot of alcohol and transform into the epitome of a nihilist. In more non-psychologic terms, I am a sad drunk.

Which is why I am writing this completely sober, something of a rarity these days. What exactly should I write about? Well, I am sitting at a coffee shop with some snobby intellectuals with horrible music playing on the overhead and there are three people talking about the front page article in the Arizona Republic. I do read the newspaper most days, so I was familiar with the article. In it, the piece covered the outline of the state budget. One of the key items was to get the state budget, which is essentially bankrupt and completely out of budget (not something out of the ordinary in America), into something in the realm of getting it back to even. Of course, there was a suggested sales tax hike, which I loath. All taxes are evil, but that is another argument for another day.

What brought the keyboard ire upon me was the assumption that in it, Arizona would cut health care coverage for people. Which I guess I could see the argument from progressives as this is a detriment to the laymen, but the argument laid out by one of the coffee house liberals was, "How do they expect businesses to move here under these legislative changes? Uh, what? Isn't that the exact opposite case? Isn't the whole principle of most businesses, whose main concern would be to make money, to be for cutting taxes?

And oh yes, I'm sure any person can count the name any of a number of businesses that are not out there solely for the dollar. I can't imagine any business being in favor of a tax that did not explicitly help them in some way. It is just counter intuitive.

So how do you transform the argument of such an absurdly brandish idea, and the people with them to just nod in approval? Is it just some form of not caring about caring about the state deficit? Lets not worry about not being able to pay for essential services because in the end our Federal overlords can just print us out some more money. Mr. Jon Kyl, , will just save us once again. Or perhaps we can just get that he has left over from his Presidential run and donate it to help out his own state. Oh wait, he'll just get to use it for his next Senatorial run. Never mind, wouldn't want to actually help people out now. Thanks for that sane campaign finance reform McCain. Surely couldn't have annexed that clause to assure that any presidential candidate that runs for office is assured a permanent membership in Congress.

Ah fuck Arizona. Fucking shithole desert that is a tax break for the morally bankrupt California douchebags to come and play around with. I hope it all goes bankrupt and is overrun by some Mexican druglords.

Maybe coffee brings forth my contempt towards society. I like this feeling. Time to order some more caffeine. Maybe I'll make this a daily ramble blog, or maybe I'll jerk off for the fifteen minutes it took me to write this instead tomorrow.
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