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WSOP day 3

Posted 07-30-09 at 02:55 AM by Wes

Alright I got a good buzz going. I sort of regret not writing this sooner as my fledgling memory is already impaired by the alcohol along with the advance in time does not help my ability to think back. But, I also did not really want to write this as I am becoming more consumed with my own demise in this tournament, even if at the time of my busting from the tournament I was perfectly fine with how I did leave the tourney.

But all of this is nonsense considered from the normal world. I had a friend I grew up with who I hanged out with prior to playing in the WSOP main event while in Vegas and he inquired how I did in the main event. I said I won $58k and he alluded to astonishment of how much money that is. All I could think is about how much more it could have been. Now all I can think about it is how well I got it.

Day 3

I don't really remember too many hands from this day. i do remember somehow chipping up to 150k after the first table. Then I got moved to the 2nd table of the day. I get JJ in a few hands in early position and raise. This 28ish year old Asian to my left calls and everyone else folds. Flop was A95 rainbow. I cbet and he calls. Turn was a 6, I checked figuring he would check behind some 98, t9 hands and probably bet some Ax hands and I could check fold. Then he bet like 1/6 the pot (5k into 30k pot I believe). I didn't know wtf to do at the time. I thought about c/r as a bluff to get him to fold AT, but that is not really a given that he would fold. Then I would have to write about this hand on how I busted out of the main event bluffing an asian on this forum. I folded. Bleh, I think I should have called in retrospect and maybe bluffed some straight cards or he could have been betting with something like T9 cause he's a 28 year old Asian. I suck .

Don't really remember any other hands from that table other than stealing once from the SB and then giving up after my cbet failed, but did chip up to about 250k. Then I got moved to the 3rd and final table of the day.

I have not watched a single WSOP episode on ESPN since Joe Hachem won it, so I don't really know any poker celebrities since. There was this old guy with a St. Louis cap on and people kept asking him what it was like to make the November 9. So apparently he made the final table last year. I had no idea what his name was at the time. He was Dennis Phillips after I saw him playing after flipping through the channels one night in my hotel room the day after playing.

I did play one hand vs. him. He limps in middle position (lol) and everyone folds to me in the BB and I check 29. Flop came T 7 3. So I bet 3/4 pot and he called. Turn came a J. I bet around 3/4 pot again and he called. River was a blank. I bet pretty much the pot (30kish) figuring it would be hard for him to have a hand to pay me off for something like 1/2 pot that wouldn't call for a pot sized bet. He deliberated and then commented on how the jack got him here to call. He had JT fwiw and I shipped a 60k pot.

So I chipped up to about 400k somewhere after winning TT vs. AK allin pre somewhere before this to add 90k to my stack. This 40 year old white guy who had folded five straight rounds except for one time 3betting AA against D. Phllips and getting paid off opens UTG w/ like 80bb. I get QQ. Normally I would just auto 3bet this, but this dude was really tight and every scenario of him 4betting or just c/r after calling pre after I cbet an undercard flop I would just dislike immensely. So I called. This long haired Englishmen/Irish (who can tell the difference?) with 95k deliberates for 30 seconds in the SB and then calls. Flop comes 983. SB checks, UTG bets 3/4 pot of about 12k, I call, SB shoves, UTG folds, and I'm like ugh. This was like his 3rd hand at the table, and he's a euro so I have to think that he can have some oddball top pair hands in his range. So I call. He has JT. Turn was a Q. Sweet 16 outs. River was a 5 and i busted him out. Haha I run good. Like three days later I still see him and he is sweating people that he played with on previous days, so I must have absolutely ruined his trip to Vegas after satelliting into this thing. I find more satisfaction in that than anything else in this report actually.

That was about the last memorable hand of the day. I ended the day with 580k.

Come back later for another trip report on Day 4 after I try to remember which hands were day 4 and which hands were day 5, all the while slugging back beer. I'm a great multi-tasker.
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    ^^ that means, I really enjoyed reading this, btw.
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