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Fucking People

Posted 05-29-09 at 02:47 AM by Wes

Do you somehow believe in God and Satan? Well, I'm sorry, but you're already retarded. Sorry, but it's true. No worries though. You probably couldn't understand the vernacular of someone that wrote similes and metaphors past fifty years ago. So, with all your knowledge of God (oh please beckon me to save from eternal hell), you still couldn't read Tolstoy.

Ah fuck. Already a paragraph filled with hate. I should try harder. Like instead I should believe in Jesus, but some of those pesky little rules that are inconvenient I'll just pass them. Like adultery. Hypocrisy doesn't apply to individuals as long as procreation is applied. And if procreation is somehow not applied via contraception, well, that shouldn't apply to people either. At least that's what the priest said to me when I was 12.

How many atheists are single mothers compared to born again Christians? Is it all that deviant behavior that lead you to believe you to the almighty Jesus, or just the irresponsibility that you cannot handle your daily life that leads to your belief in God? If God were to exist I imagine him to be extremely obese wearing 8X clothes for it is He who encompasses all the responsibility of a scapegoat tenfold.

Lets see, what else to ramble on about? How about that Real Sports show. It's a fine show. I actually do enjoy it. But fuck some of the shit they argue is retarded. The last episode was the epitome of it. They argue for helmets for bull riders. NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! We need these dumb fucks dead as soon as possible please. They showed horrific getting bucked off and the bull stomping on them, and I laugh at the screen. Please die you fucking mut. But, all they get is a few broken ribs and a broken neck. Fucking medical technology. We need these dumb fuckers dead as soon as possible so they cannot procreate.

Then in a later segment they complain about race horses getting sent to slaughter houses. As if I should give a shit. If anything I'm on the opposite side. Most US states have banned horse slaughter houses, but only because there is some social indignation that we associate with horses. I blame John Wayne. We glorified those dumb fucking creatures for years. We can slaughter cows, chickens, pigs, and fish with no moral backlash, but hey lets kill some horses and we get some backlash. Why exactly? So we can have them as our little play things to ride around? When was the last time you thought, hey you know this inefficient motor vehicle that I have now, I should stop using that and get myself a horse that can buck me off unless trained very well. Of course never. So why can't is the US not supposed to profit from the slaughter of these animals anymore? The horse is a defunct technology for the past century, lets get rid of them sooner please.
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  1. Old Comment
    Wes, are you reading Tolstoy now? To be honest I stopped reading this post after you name-dropped because your first paragraph seems so at odds with Tolstoy that I found it weird he would be who you threw out there.
    Posted 05-30-09 at 08:31 PM by melioris melioris is offline
  2. Old Comment
    MAYHEM45's Avatar
    I like how it shows up instantly how baked you are in every blog post.
    Posted 05-31-09 at 01:36 PM by MAYHEM45 MAYHEM45 is offline

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