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Mohegan Sun Trip Report

Posted 03-28-11 at 11:13 AM by jdiana86
Updated 03-28-11 at 11:15 AM by jdiana86 (addition)

Saturday went to Mohegan sat at a 1/1 NLHE table for about 9 hours ended up -200. Was even most of the day and tried to make some moves right before I left and ended up overplaying my AQo ran into AKs. Also made a very bad call w/out the right odds and hit a straight on the river to bring down a pot. Did take a couple bad beats...had bullets back to back hands!... first time got all in preflop against 86o!...he makes a str8 obvio. Also got all in good with aces the second time but this time they held up. Dealer flipped over both my cards one time, I woulda flopped the nuts with 78s. oh well. Then a kid my age sat down who was terrible. I had him figured after about 10 minutes. Got all in on the turn with him, i had ace high(which i knew was good) and he turns over a queen high flush draw(q9o) with three clubs on the flop and he rivers a flush... i was holding aq.
Nothing else really exciting happened, the place did go bonkers when Uconn was great to be there. Probably will be taking a week off to focus on school.
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