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Learning new games

Posted 02-11-10 at 11:13 AM by pokerblogger
Updated 02-12-10 at 05:28 PM by Talking Poker


Of all the available poker games holdem is the most popular. It is the easiest to grasp the basics of, it is shown more on television than any other variant and there have been far more strategy books written on it than any other form of poker. However, that should not stop you from learning how to play another form of poker, in fact it should spur you on to learn something new.

By learning a new game you will not only learn a new skill but you will also be able to take something from the new game and apply it to hold'em. By playing Omaha you will learn how to read the board better, helping you see what draws are available and which have hit. By hitting the stud tables you will increase your observational skills as you try to remember all the visible door cards, and playing mixed games will aid your concentration levels.

But it is not just learning a completely new variant of poker that can aid your progression in hold'em, in fact learning a new hold'em format can work wonders for you if you have lost some of your enthusiasm for the game.
If you are a regular at the cash game tables and find sitting 100 big blinds deep waiting for good cards has become a bit of a drag, then play some sit 'n' go and learn how to play a short-stack. Or if you are usually a sit 'n' go player why not try your arm at a multi-table tournament where the dynamics are completely different?

In order to progress as a player you have to be willing to continue learning for as long as you are playing. Half of the battle of becoming and remaining a winning player is to continuing to have a love for the game and developing fresh ideas. The second you grow complacent in any area is the time you start to leave money at the tables.
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