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Posted 03-21-09 at 08:28 PM by Invigilator

If someone had told me when I was 15 years old what would be going on in my life when I was 38, I doubt I would have believed them.

The directions that things keep turning has kept my life pretty interesting. What I am getting out of that I don't want to waste any energy trying to predict where I am likely to end up. Sure, I have goals and plans, but some of the best things that have come up for me have been fairly spontaneous.

I have really been pulled away from poker lately. I am logging only a few hundred hands of 5 cent 10 cent ring games a week.

Music has been on the upswing. My new job has given me the chance to play guitar more often, and I am starting to get a lot better. (I am still an enormous hack). Then, just a few days ago I got a call from my cousin. He is part of a little celtic jam group that is forming and will be playing weekly at a local pub. They needed a guitarist and rang me up. We have not met yet, but it is pretty neat opportunity.

Aikido has been changing too. I have started teaching an adult beginners course where I train, and I think my teacher is starting to get me ready for my second degree black belt test in the next year.

The new job in special education is working out really well. I have never been so excited to get up and go to work in my entire life.

Granted, I'd really like to get my body issues sorted out. I have developed rotator cuff problems in both shoulders that has delayed the start of my swim training for summer triathlons. Also, around the same time I developed tendonitis in my left bicep and got all arthritic in my wrists and ankles. Never figured out what happened with the joints, but it seems to be improving.

Things just keep changing lately. (faster than normal). The big strategy these days seems to be to just keep rollin'.
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