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The Biggest Loser

Posted 02-27-09 at 09:57 PM by Wes

If you haven't watched this American show (and I sure hope it is only an American show), it shows 400 lb behemoths that are totally out of shape and then stick them at a fat camp essentially and make them work out. I know this may come as a shock to some of you, but in the show, fat people that exercise lose weight. Damn, I never would have thought that would occur. Actually, I did. It's fucking obvious.

Then it got me to to thinking, who is watching this drivel? No person that is in shape is going to be entertained by this. Why would they? They exercise. They know that exercise makes you lose weight. So basically the only people that are watching this are fat lazy ignoramuses.

So why exactly do 6 million people a week watch a show in which unattractive blobs sweat? I still have not figured it out. I have come up with three possible conclusions as to why fat people watch The Biggest Loser.

1. Subconsciously they know that they are losers, so at least they get a little pick me up from watching people that are worse at life than them. I'm sure they are also stuffing their faces with junk food at the same time as watching television too so I'm not sure if they are actually less of a loser than watching a few butterballs slime against each other.

2. They are ardent masochists. Seeing "The Biggest Loser" is only a challenge to a masochist. "You want to see a loser?" they might say, "watch me eat this whole gallon of ice cream so I can prove I am the biggest loser." At least that one makes sense.

3. People don't like to blame themselves and try to find any gimmick imaginable to lose weight. Well, except that one thing that works, improving your diet and amount of exercise you partake in. That is difficult though, so might as well watch an hour and half of fat people jogging than doing that themselves.

Anyone else have any other conclusions to make?
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