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wsop update #4

Posted 08-16-09 at 06:08 AM by Wes

Game flow and other nonsensical outcomes of randomness

I love beer. But I do not like alcohol. The outcomes of alcohol usually end in something far regrettable. Hard liquor gets me to the point of toilet vomit with little memory in between. Beer though lets me surge past that point of no return and say fuck it I don't care anymore. Then I end up with a hooker and write this envious post about the trivialities of my life.

How can I relate poker to the 2 AM hooker call? Many things in poker can be related to prostitution in one way or another (how much money will it take you for you to lose any morals upon which you are endeavoring?). But today lets talk about that silly little thing that seems to encompass both aspects of poker and women. Game flow.

Now, with women there is game. And then there is flow. First, you have to have game. For me, this is non existent. I speak for intervals of a minute then have nothing to talk about because I share no interests with what I would perceive is what the females of my age bracket are into. And if I do somehow find a Y chromosome with the interest of professional wrestling and gambling, the odds of her being under 200 lbs is very slim. So that only leads me to the responses of, “Where did you grow up?” with no plan on the answer of this question or with any other leads as to where this conversation is going. Then I sulk to my beer and drink in solitude.

If I did a response, I would have game. And if I did have game, I would flow this conversation into something meaningful. Mainly, her or my own bedroom. But, I am here at 3 AM writing this blog alone, so obviously that didn't happen.

This is sort of like poker. Everyone thinks that there are some essential keys to the game that others react differently. Game flow dependent upon how this person plays. But that doesn't really matter. Most schleps play poker like I play women. One interval at a time with no reasoning upon previous events. Did this guy just 3bet me ten times in the past thirty minutes? Did I just ask her again where she grew up? If yes, then forget about previous events and still play how I normally play the situation with women. AKA sulk to my beer and hope for a better opportunity (do you have an hourly rate mam?)

The only people that could adjust to how aggressive the person is playing are the people that are playing so few tables that they wouldn't even know how play differently. There's my poker advice for the night.

In other news, I had a dream in which I saw myself being able to open up a locked bathroom door that I locked myself out of while drunk. I was fidgeting with this little metal thing while taking a shit not even realizing that it was a the lock. “Oh, what exactly does this do when I press it in?” I think to myself. Then I go outside and frantically try to open the door to no avail. Then I give up after a few minutes of trying because I'm lazy.

A few weeks roll by, and I have a dream in which I can just open it up after little effort. I wake up and the door opens easily. Hopefully soon I will dream that hookers are now giving free weekdays to loyal customers.

Oh yes WSOP. LOL no new updates.
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    Zybomb's Avatar
    LMFAO this is golden
    Posted 08-16-09 at 06:59 PM by Zybomb Zybomb is offline
  2. Old Comment
    claudioxcore's Avatar
    Posted 08-18-09 at 02:29 AM by claudioxcore claudioxcore is offline
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    Reel Deal's Avatar
    Beer FTW obv.
    Posted 08-24-09 at 11:28 AM by Reel Deal Reel Deal is offline

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