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In Texas Hold'Em poker a raise must be equal to or above any previous bets or raises? Comments?

[Blatant SPAM removed]

Talking Poker 02-07-05 11:49 AM

Nothing to really comment on here. This is just a rule.

I'm moving this post to the SPAM section, since it's pretty clear you are just plugging your site.

BlibbityBlabbity 02-07-05 12:45 PM

Since his name is spam, does that mean that all his posts go to the spam section??? j/k :D

MikeMcD 02-07-05 01:13 PM

Decent site
I got an xbox through and it was pretty easy. I played 100 (rakes) hands at (one of the newer pokersites - kinda slow) and then referred a couple of buddies to do it. They got PS2 games and I got an xbox. I'd like to get the chips, but I already have an account at Pacificpoker. The site is fairly new I think but decent.

Talking Poker 02-07-05 01:35 PM

How ironic that you and the original poster both have the same IP address.

Seriously - that's enough of the spam and trickery. You've got your name out there... now let it be. No more warnings.

Talking Poker 02-07-05 01:38 PM

Just a quick warning to everyone else... when a user creates multiple accounts so he can reply to his own thread to try to give himself some credibility.... Well, call me crazy, but I think that's at least "shady," if not much worse (like an obvious scam).

ChipFish 02-07-05 07:27 PM

Check out Mike McD's Tagline. 02-14-05 10:26 AM

Reply to scam suspicions
Not shady, not trickery, simply an attempt to circumvent the system and gain exposure to as many users as possible. Is the integrity of a Mercedes Benz compromised by the craftiness of its saleperson?
There are a lack of forums that allow simple advertising. If you know of any I would be grateful to hear about them. In the meantime, please visit our and thoroughly read through the information provided. The concept is simple: play poker and receive a prize or refer some friends and receive a better prize. Try a promo. But I ask you, when you're playing with your free chips or listening to your free iPod, please return here with an apology and an advocation. Cheers.
The Pokerfamous Team
Real Perks. Real Value.

Aequitas58 02-14-05 11:00 AM

PLONK. 02-14-05 11:56 AM

Credat Judaeus Apella, non ego.

Aequitas58 02-14-05 12:09 PM

Your Latin is just about as bad as your website.

Try RGP w/ your spam. 02-14-05 01:20 PM

Just be happy!
Cher Aequitas58,
It is not obvious what ails , but if a free 500-piece set of will remedy the problem then let know. Cheers.
The Team
Real Perks. Real Value.

PS: definition: (in case it was unclear)
PPS: source for said Latin expression --

Aequitas58 02-14-05 01:35 PM

LOL. A 500 piece chip set would far from cure me. Are you really putting it up for free? Then offer it (as an added bonus) to the next TalkingPoker Tournament winner ... or, put it up as a bounty on your head.

By the way, I took 4 years of Latin in college, and missed a minor by 6 credits. You're not going to impress me w/ lines from a Google search. 02-14-05 01:55 PM

Chips aren't your thing?
Hi Aequitas58,
No need for . If you take advantage of promotion 1 or 2, we'd be glad to send you an Xbox or some DVDs? Or an iPod if you're really determined! Cheers.
The Pokerfamous Team
Real Perks. Real Value.

ChipFish 02-14-05 05:46 PM

You have been warned about Keeping your Spam to the proper area...
Do NOT send Private Message Spam.

And Mr. Spam boy, Please check your PMs now.

On a side note...
Would anyone in their right mind want to support a site that Uses Spam?
Especially a site that posts an obviously useless question in order to spam their site?
Especially a site that sends PMs spamming their site?


Talking Poker 02-14-05 06:36 PM

I hope I don't hear about anyone supporting this guy's nonsense.

If I get complaints about you (pokerfamous) sending spam PMs from this point on, I'll have no choice but to ban you and block your IP. So don't even try it.

Enough already.

ChipFish 02-14-05 06:41 PM

Please consider this as a complaint.

New Guy 02-14-05 07:38 PM

This guy wants to ask a dumb question just to spam his site and then lie to act like the site came thru and produced prizes and follows all this by defending what he's doing? Are you kidding me.I fyou think I would deposite One penny in a site that is run by a loser like that your crazy.Not only should this guy be banned right away but anyone that goes there should be as well!!!

BrianSwa 02-14-05 08:32 PM

get banned join the crowd :).....I'am kidding of course TP dont ban me again. 02-15-05 09:27 AM

To the New Guy,
Hi New Guy,
Insightful opinion, however, uninformed. Perhaps if you took the time to actually (misspelled for Aequitas58: Feel better?) the site before bashing it you would see that doesn't require any money in order for you to receive your prize. You simply have to join one of the reputable pokerrooms (i.e. Absolutepoker, Fastpoker, Pacificpoker), play some hands and, if you're looking to receive one of the grander prizes, then refer some friends to do the same. doesn't want any of your money. Take a minute and read through it.
The Team
Real Perks. Real Value. 02-15-05 09:40 AM

To ChipFish & Talking Poker,
understands spam to be defined as bulk quantities of advertising or like material sent via email or some other electronic medium such as PM. We have not violated this rule. If you believe otherwise, please provide an explanation as to how.
Also, within this discussion board lurks a tremendous amount of animosity and cynicism which is understandable given the amount of scams present on the web, but anyone who takes the time to read our will realize that we run on a similar concept as the older promotion site. We do not ask for money or sensitive information. We simply guide you through a registration process on one of the reputable pokersites and send you a prize once you meet the simple requirements (i.e. minimum deposit, minimum number of raked hands) Thank you and enjoy!
The Team
Real Perks. Real Value.

New Guy 02-15-05 01:00 PM

fact is
you lied and acted like you were someone else.Thats not cool and I wont go to your site nor will I tell anyone about it for that reason alone.You have to be straight and not make up a fake name to hype your site.If your site was worth a damn you wouldnt need to post as a fake person. 02-15-05 02:30 PM

No need to be frustrated New Guy...
Hi New Guy,
You are indeed correct that a perceivably reputable organization would not need to be advocated with , however, our (failed) attempt was intended to dispell the automatic suspicion that arises when seeing an advert like ours. We apologize for the deception. We will have to avoid such strategies in the future or, at least, ensure that we are not caught red-handed. Thank you for explaining it so eloquently New Guy. Cheers!
The Team
Real Perks. Real Value.

PS: Why cut off your nose to spite your face? If you're genuinely interested in promotions and have a basic understanding of hold'em poker then feel free to take advantage of one of offers.

ChipFish 02-15-05 04:31 PM

You are annoying me now (yet I cannot look away lol :))

I honestly think everyone should click one of his links...
Go ahead... pick anyone above this one.

:D :eek: :p

Aequitas58 02-15-05 04:33 PM

I don't know if you're a headcase, or you're really stupid. Your use of "elegant" words (however refreshing in this seemingly non-educated world) comes up short because you're using the words incorrectly.

You guess you're not seeing the point ... I'll break it down for you: People around here don't want to feel scammed. You posted blatant spam, replied to yourself as to its credibility, and now you're arguing back and forth with the various members who called you on it.

If you have a legitimate website, and you believe in it, then be honest about it. Stick around and post poker-related content. Build a reputation. Members will start believing that you are "for real" and you might make some affiliate revenue. From what I can tell, nearly all of your posts contain links and w/ some kind of deal.

I'm sure if you keep it up, you'll be banned. But, you don't have to take my word for it.

Aequitas58 02-15-05 04:35 PM

Two more things I just noticed:

(1) Did you misspell a word you cited to the dictionary? Are you serious?

(2) Your links are AWESOME! HAHAHAHA.

omahilo 02-15-05 04:36 PM

lol good one chip

ChipFish 02-15-05 04:39 PM

Total time to fix the links : 6 seconds...

Go ahead... Spam away! :D :p :cool:

Talking Poker 02-15-05 04:59 PM

hahaha.... didn't even notice that at first. Good stuff. Unless, of course, someone doesn't read closely and actually thinks I have anything to do with this guy's nonsense.

Nah :D 02-15-05 05:45 PM

Hi ChipFish, Talking Poker, Aequitas58
Again, thank you for your insight and knowledge; you have obviously benefitted from your education. Please state which word has been misspelled; it would be appreciated. Thank you.

Talking Poker:
No one will associate your forum with ; the links have been taken care of. You will have to change any I was unable to access. ;)

Changing the links was quite a creative exertion of power. Cheers.

Admit it: the time you have all dedicated to posting retorts could have been better spent at Pacificpoker, Absolutepoker or Fastpoker winning at the tables and accumulating rakes for your prizes. Less than two hours of play could qualify you for a prize. for it!

The Team
Real Perks. Real Value.

PS: Arf arf!

Aequitas58 02-15-05 06:10 PM

I would have no problem pointing out that you misspelled "peruse," (you spelled it "peruze") but you just went back and edited your post! For all those who care, he changed it to "read." Funny how you posted it yesterday, but you went back and changed it at 4:48p today.

I vote for a ban.

Enough of this. 02-15-05 06:26 PM

"The truth shall set you free"
The post you're alluding to was indeed changed at 4:48pm today, however, it was for the purpose of re-posting the links, not to change an earlier error. Perhaps the admin or moderators made a change while altering my links? I may have originally misspelled the word peruse using a "z" instead of an "s", and if so, I outwardly admit it. But know this: I made NO change to the word in attempts to cover up a flaw. (Look again at the post.) I've given up . (Was it used correctly Aequitas58?) My only flaw so far was posting under the guise of MikeMcD.

Regarding banning:
I've followed all the rules as they've been laid out. You are all simply drawn by the challenge. Cheers.

The Team
Real Perks. Real Value.

ChipFish 02-15-05 06:37 PM

Yeah... I changed it... didn't mean anything by it, just erased the word by mistake and couldn't remember what it was.... No biggie.
I've grown tired... slightly amused, but tired...
Keep the spam here and you can post until your fingers turn purple.


Aequitas58 02-15-05 06:43 PM

I'm done w/ this thread. Go play in traffic.

BrianSwa 02-15-05 07:54 PM

Not to sound happy about this thread but its a breath of fresh air that im not getting yelled at....Yippie. Seriously dude they asked you to stop and you go on argueing with them. Obviously this is exactly what you want, the attention so here is a idea everyone stop posting on here because that is what this guy wants. Either close the thread or let it die on its own!

ChipFish 02-15-05 08:05 PM


BrianSwa 02-15-05 08:32 PM

:) 02-16-05 09:34 AM

Thank you ChipFish
Hi ChipFish,
Thank you for corroborating my claim. Pokerfamous has a proposition for you--just here me out. If you've never had a real or play money account at Pacificpoker then I'll alter some of the requirements for you to prove the integrity of the site. Promotion 3 stipulates that if you join Pacificpoker through the links provided at Pokerfamous (i.e. click-through, and download/install the software), open a real money account, deposit USD$50 and play 100 raked hands then you'll receive a free 500-piece poker chip set. (Currently, I have ace/jack sets--just got them in, very nice.) BUT, in appreciation for your above statement, I will alter the requirements: If you click through the links at Pokerfamous (for promo 3), download/install the software, open a real-money account and deposit only USD$25, then I'll send you the chips in good faith and trust that you'll deposit the additional $25 later and play 100 raked hands at your leisure. All I need to do is verify that you've made the deposit and then I'll send the chips. You've made a worthy , so you'd probably be an effective advocate. Besides, I'd like to say thanks. Let me know if this interests you.
The Team
Real Perks. Real Value.

ChipFish 02-16-05 04:09 PM

1) I already have an account at Pacific.
2) Why would I deposit only $25?

ChipFish 02-16-05 04:49 PM

Hi ChipFish,
I was attemping to minimize the amount of time and money required for you to participate to show that is willing to take a risk to gain your business. The offer still stands if you want to do it through a friend. Let me know.
The Team
Real Perks. Real Value.

ChipFish 02-16-05 05:20 PM

You could always just send me the chips....
Think of it as advertising expense.
:cool: 02-16-05 05:41 PM

True. But I'm not certain that giving you a free set of chips will generate additional business. I'd send them if I were certain. Until then this offer serves to validate the legitimacy of in your mind and in the minds of the other forum members. The offer remains on the table for whenever you wish to take advantage of it. Cheers.
The Pokerfamous Team
Real Perks. Real Value. 02-16-05 05:44 PM

a change in the wind
(this messageboard, once treacherous and intense, now has a certain peace about it)

BrianSwa 02-16-05 07:19 PM

man do I have a splitting headace now from all this....

Talking Poker 02-16-05 11:15 PM

I hate to bring this up........

But why would anyone, especially members of this forum, take you up on this offer, when I offer BETTER (IMO) deals for signing uop to the same sites?

Like this deal, for example:

If people really want chips, so be it. I don't mind saving myself some money and ordering those for you instead. I can match this joker's offers.

I've avoided posting the obvious until now, figuring this thread would die soon enough, but I guess it needed to be said.

BrianSwa 02-16-05 11:28 PM

The memebers of this forum, including myself KNOW tp is good on all his offers so why in the world would we sign up through your links when we know TP is good for his and we dont know you are. And why in the world would you come on someone elses forum and try to get the users there to join your sites when on the main page of this site the same offers are there with better benifts.

Lets weigh the offers here

TP= awsome bonus for signing up and SS2

Spammer= some poker chips and probolly crappy bonus

for some reason I think TP outweighs your offer sorry going with TP offer!!!!
:mad: 02-17-05 09:18 AM

of no consequence
This, from a guy on probation.

The Team
Real Perks. Real Value. 02-17-05 09:36 AM

Not competing

Hi Talking Poker,
We offer a promotion--promo 1--with Fastpoker which you do not. Granted, like talkingpoker, has promos with Pacificpoker and Absolutepoker, but we did not post here to take business from you, merely to present another option. If you choose to alter your prizes to match or beat then I salute you. For all those who are interested in trying Fastpoker (including you) or wish to enter into a referral program to gain bigger and better prizes, feel free to do so. Cheers.
The Team
Real Perks. Real Value.

BrianSwa 02-17-05 10:24 AM


Is that the best you got? because the people on this forum did alot better then that. Now im for sure never gonna use your links, I need people with more imagination. 02-17-05 11:04 AM

big loss
It's the most I wish to devote to replying to your inconsequential posts. Cheers!

The Team.
Real Perks. Real Value.

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