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GeoffM 02-08-07 12:02 PM

My whole $8 worth of rakeback :thumbsup:
Hopefully, I'll have some extra time later this month to get a higher # for February.

drewjax 03-13-07 09:47 PM

FullTilt signup
The sticky is closed so I cant post there.

I am signing up tonight so I can rail your cash game later on. I will be depositing soon, as I just got my checks from Stars and Bodog, and will wait until I am 100% sure they have cleared the bank.

1. Anyway, TP, do I need to put a bonus code in the bonus code box when creating an account (to be able to get 100% bonus)? I dont think I do, but want to make sure. I used your link (obv.) so I should be linked to you when I finish. I will PM you details.
2. Also, I think my debit card may work for depositing (I remember Kurn saying his worked). I have a bank of america debit card (a huge bank), so i dont know if that if will work for or against me. Anyone deposit using a debit card lately?
3. How long is the bonus gonna take me to clear at like .50/1 & 1/2 LHE?
I am thinking its gonna be a bear to get this done. Does the bonus expire? I sure as hell hope not.


I'll be watching the shark tank tonight.:p

Talking Poker 03-13-07 11:20 PM

I'll merge this thread with that one in a sec. Last month's payments should be going out tomorrow - just waiting on one last report to roll in.

As for your questions:

1. You shouldn't NEED to put in a bonus code, but if you put in TPF you'll definitely be good to go.

2. I have no input for #2.

3. I think it will go faster than you think. It clears in chunks, which is nice - you don't HAVE to clear the whole thing. I believe there is a time limit, but I'm not sure how long it is. I think it's at least 90 days... I also think it will clear much faster than you think, even at those limits. Well..... I guess it depends on how much the average rake is at those limits. Let us know after you've played for a few days.

PShabi 03-14-07 12:09 AM

So, where's the moolah for this month TP?

Talking Poker 03-14-07 12:48 AM



Talking Poker 03-14-07 09:45 PM

February's rakeback payments have been completed. As always, if you have a question or would like to see the exact breakdown of how your RB was calculated, just shoot me a PM.

PShabi 03-15-07 01:04 AM

danks dawg

Reel Deal 03-15-07 02:18 AM

And thanks to some lovely coolers and suck outs my rakeback is gone. *poof* :mad:

Talking Poker 04-06-07 08:26 PM

March Monies have been shipped, first class.

Jillaj, GeoffM, and Robbr - you punks each owe me money!!! Just kidding, but still... you guys are killing me here. :rolleyes:

Robbr25 04-06-07 08:29 PM

If I had a way to put money in there I would, lol.

Talking Poker 04-06-07 08:35 PM

Well, apparently you have a way to cost me money.... :rolleyes:

de-coder 04-06-07 09:44 PM

My first RB payment
cool beans! Thanks TP. I had to go back to the fine print to figure out how it's calculated, but it's definitely a nice bonus.

thrash1294 04-07-07 01:31 AM

I heard bank of america debit cards do work.also wells fargo:cool:

Talking Poker 05-09-07 06:30 PM

April RB :twocents:s = Shipped


jillaj 05-11-07 04:40 PM

The month before cost me lots. I got you back in April though and will be playin a lot more starting in June.

Talking Poker 05-11-07 06:04 PM

Last month, I was $15 in the hole from you, so I took that off what I owed you for this month. If it was only a couple of bucks, I wouldn't have bothered.

melioris 05-11-07 06:37 PM

I think I dropped a little over 25K player points at the store this month and I am not playing for shit. Assuming my rake generated is less than the equivalent $ value for the points spent, will that 'negative value' carry over to the next month and be reduced from that rakeback?

de-coder 05-11-07 06:46 PM

OK is this for real? There is some combination of action/inaction that can wind up having the rakeback come in as a negative amount - and you have to pay that back to FT?

Do you know what causes this so I can avoid it? I didn't play much in April, as you can probably tell from the RB amount, but I certainly don't want you to wind up in the hole if I take a month off or something.

Talking Poker 05-12-07 12:42 AM

If it's a very small amount, no worries - I'll just eat it. But if it's a significant amount, then yeah, I'd carry it to the next month... It would be bad business for me to cover those costs entirely out of my pocket, ya know?

Talking Poker 05-12-07 12:57 AM

Yes, this is for real, and yes, Full Tilt reduces the amount of money they pay me when people are negative. In other words, if they owe me me $1000 for pshabi and melioris shows up as a $50 loss, they pay me a total of $950. It happens all the time, but it's usually small amounts, so I don't worry about it. There are also usually a couple of people who earn less than the $5 minimum per month, so I figure it's usually a wash in the end.

And yes, it is completely under each player's control. Your RB is calculated as follows:

Player Rake + Player Juice - Player Bonus - Player Added - Used Points - Player Fees = Total. This Total is then multiplied by 27%, which gives us your rakeback number.

So, to maximize the amount of rake you get, you want to make the first two numbers (cash game rake and tourney juice) as high as possible and minimize the deductions, which are:

Player Bonus - Bonuses are good for you in the long run but come off of your rakeback, which makes sense. In other words, if you earn a $100 bonus, this will reduce your RB by $27, but in order to earn that $100 bonus, you surely generated way more than $27 in rake anyway.

Player Added - I'm honestly not sure what this is. I think deposits go under Player Fees, and this is usually $0 for most people. Maybe this is like if you win a freeroll or something like that. FWIW, yours, de-coder, was 21 cents in April. Does that number ring a bell? shabi had a very high number here this month.

Used Points - I believe I once calculated that they value points at 200 points = $1. So a 3600 point hat, for example, is going to cost you 3600/200 = $18 * .27 = $4.86. melioris' 25k shopping spree should cost him $33.75.

Player Fees - I think this is where they put the fees for when you deposit.... or maybe it's only for when you withdraw. I'm not sure. sjay had a huge number in here this month (it wiped out all of his RB), so maybe he can tell us.

I think that's it. Make sense?

Robbr25 05-12-07 01:02 AM

So if I used players points to enter tourneys that would be negative, I would assume.
That is probably why I was negative the one month.
No worries though, I don't have many FTPs left.

PShabi 05-12-07 04:07 PM

It's probably just registering for a freeroll. I qualified for the Ironman, which is a decent amount of equity. I registered but wasn't home to play and cost myself some loot. Lame. I haven't made a deposit or bought anything in the store in ages.

Talking Poker 05-12-07 05:55 PM

I'll bet that's it. Rather than charge people for the prizes they earn, they just charge you for your equity in the freeroll. So, for example, today's Iron Man tourney has $30k of prize money and 234 entrants. That's $128.20 of equity per player, which is going to come off of their MGR (the total rake number before the 27%). That means this freeroll is really costing me $34.61 of real money to play in. Still a good deal...

de-coder 05-12-07 07:25 PM

I played in a 50 point freeroll last month - that's all I can think of though.

Talking Poker 05-12-07 08:47 PM

That sounds about right. I would have expected it to be 25 cents (if 200 points = $1), but close enough.

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