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stormswa 05-16-07 01:10 PM

I have a friend that is just starting to get into online poker, he has not signed up for full tilt poker yet and trying to bounce around Ideas for him to play. At 1st I was going to do the refer a friend thing but that wont work with that, 1st of all he will not be making a deposit because I most likely will be backing him at 1st because he is new to online poker and isnt real comfortable putting his own money on right now. He will most likely be putting money on himself eventually but not right now. Plus I want to try to dictate what levels he plays right now.

so I got to thinking (yes I do that sometimes) that this rakeback thing might be perfect for him. I will get him to sign up for the forum sometime this week, is this offer still valid?

a second thing, there is no way for me to get this offer since I have had a full tilt account for long time right?

Talking Poker 05-16-07 01:42 PM

Yes, this offer is still valid.

And no, it's not valid for existing accounts. But your "wife" could certainly open an account and get RB, for example.

stormswa 05-16-07 01:45 PM

so it wouldn't matter that my "wife" would be using same IP address?

I will have him and my "wife" sign up today.

Talking Poker 05-16-07 01:50 PM

I assume your wife lives in the same house as you, yes? Seems reasonable that she would have the same IP as you. But that's not for me to decide - that's between you and Full Tilt. I'm single, so I wouldn't know.

I know you said you were done with online poker (again) the other day, because you couldn't find a way to deposit. Good to see your wife has found a way around that.

Just have her and your friend PM me with their details after they sign up, as per the instructions in the first post. No need to get this thread all personal and messy.

PShabi 06-14-07 01:44 AM

Fuck Life
Lost crazy money playing live tonight, so please ship rakeback soon.

Thank you.

Talking Poker 06-14-07 02:04 AM

Still waiting on the monthly reports. I always ship within 24 hours of getting them. I should have them any day now...

Talking Poker 06-14-07 04:38 PM

The reports came in today.

May's rake back payments have been completed. As always, if you have any questions, just shoot me a PM.

Reel Deal 06-16-07 01:41 AM

Has this hit for anyone else yet?

PShabi 06-16-07 03:59 AM

I got mines right away.

Talking Poker 06-16-07 11:23 AM

You actually didn't earn enough this month... Well, you would have, but you had $30 in bonus money and $48.88 (!!) in Player Fees for the month. Youch.

Reel Deal 06-16-07 12:07 PM

Ugh. Did we ever figure out what "Player Fees" are?? Don't understand how I could ring-up $48.88 in those. :confused:

bunny 06-16-07 01:34 PM

Don't see any harm in sending them an e-mail, having them break it down for you. Don't forget to post their reply.

Talking Poker 06-16-07 07:57 PM

I'll shoot them and email and try to get specifics...

Talking Poker 06-16-07 08:07 PM

This is the "Legend" that comes with my report:

I emailed them for me details about "Player Fees," since that seems to be the biggest hitter for people (and bonuses and whatnot are obvious).

Talking Poker 06-16-07 08:22 PM

BTW - only two other players under me had ANY Player Fees in May and they combined to be arouns $25.

Did you do a lot of depositing or withdrawing last month?

bigd007x 06-25-07 10:12 PM

hey tp can u sign me up my ftp account name is bigd007x.

Talking Poker 06-26-07 12:45 AM


Did you sign up using my link? If so, when?

You didn't use my link, did you?

Be honest - Did you even read the first post in this thread? I only ask because there were exactly TWO instructions to follow and as best I can tell, you followed 0 of them.

bigd007x 06-26-07 01:32 AM

sorry:( got excited about the 27% my bad i always screw things up lol. dont worry about it i dont play enough to earn one anyway sorry for wasting ur time.

Talking Poker 07-10-07 03:16 PM

June's RB payments have been completed.

In other news, I heard back from Full Tilt's affiliate department. They say:

Your final "Net Revenue" is then multiplied by 27% to determine your rake back amount.

Of course, this doesn't answer the specific question about Player Fees, so I wrote back and finally got a detailed explanation:

JDMcNugent7 07-10-07 03:33 PM

woot most RB ever.

Talking Poker 08-09-07 02:53 AM

July's RB payments have been completed. Any questions - shoot me a PM.

Reel Deal 08-09-07 08:55 AM

Please ban.

PShabi 08-09-07 05:54 PM

Shittiest month ever!!! And I'm not working. WTF? :confused:

Poker bores me.

JDMcNugent7 08-09-07 06:25 PM

woot, beat last month.

Talking Poker 08-09-07 06:27 PM

Get unbored and start making some monies!!!

I think this happens to everyone from time to time - I know it happens to me. You need something to kick start your game. We should make a video or interesting prop bet or something (in a new thread, of course).

Talking Poker 08-09-07 06:28 PM

50 bones beyond leet. Not bad.

thrash1294 08-11-07 06:27 PM

Ok so fulltilt charges you for points used against your rakeback $0.005 per point so I have 40000 points and I could get a IPOD nano.

Now the catch they will charge me $200 against my rakeback.
I can buy one now for $149

Thats messed up

I think I should just sell my points:confused:

Talking Poker 08-11-07 06:34 PM

If you are selling them, I'll take them from you.

I just need to decide if I should point out the error in your logic now or later. :D

Hint: I see no mention of 27% in your math. :thumbsup:

thrash1294 08-11-07 07:32 PM

ok the error is?

If figure I must be missing something...

Talking Poker 08-11-07 07:35 PM

You don't get 100% of your rake back. You get 27% of your rake back.

$200 * 27% = $54 off of your RB.

thrash1294 08-11-07 08:02 PM

I see :thumbsup

still kind of a rip.

but better than the stars 0% rakeback ( now theres a deal):talktothehand

hc422709 08-16-07 12:10 AM

Does it have to be a new account?

Talking Poker 08-16-07 12:13 AM

Yes, and under me. I can't pay you unless Full Tilt is paying me for your play.

thrash1294 08-17-07 10:38 AM

I can sell 7000 ftps

Talking Poker 08-17-07 01:42 PM

That's nice, but please do so in a new thread, and not this one that is about getting rakeback at Full Tilt.

Invigilator 08-20-07 06:07 PM

Understanding Rakeback
Since going on FT, that is the only place I am playing cash games. It I look at what PT says I have put into rake, is 27% of that a good estimation of the rakeback I get?

If not, is there a good way to estimate this or find out specifically?

Talking Poker 08-20-07 06:28 PM

That's probably not a very good estimate, no - at least based on how I recall PT calculating rake in the past. I think going to the Game Notes tab and taking the Rake divided by the APH (Average Players per Hand) will give you a better estimate of the TOTAL rake you generated, but that is before all the deductions are made, of course. The forumla is posted in this thread a few times, I believe, but unless you know exactly what all the variables are, you won't be able to figure it out.

I can give you an exact breakdown after the monthly payments, or a semi-decent estimate at any other time.

Invigilator 08-20-07 07:02 PM

Okay. I was just trying to estimate given that I am playing 25 max and nowhere near the hand samples that some of you guys post each month.

Talking Poker 09-10-07 06:06 PM

August = Shipped.

JDMcNugent7 09-10-07 06:30 PM

not me?

JDMcNugent7 09-10-07 09:12 PM

nvm i got it it just took awhile.

Talking Poker 09-10-07 10:01 PM

Weird. I got your confirmation at 6:12:

Date and Time: 2007-09-10 18:12:01

Invigilator 09-10-07 10:57 PM

Yeah! Free money! Glad to be on the team!

Talking Poker 10-09-07 12:58 AM

September's RB payments:


Robbr25 10-09-07 06:31 PM

Yeah I finally am making rakeback(out of the negative), lol

Talking Poker 11-09-07 04:02 PM

October's RB payments have been completed (minus one - PM has been sent).

Talking Poker 12-07-07 12:29 AM

November's payments have been shipped. As always, PM me with any questions.

hc422709 12-19-07 01:36 PM

When does one "month" start and end? is it the usual 1st-30/31st but it takes a week for them to send you the monies? and thus you deliver on the 7th/9th/whatever.

Talking Poker 12-19-07 03:19 PM

Months always start on the 1st and end on either the 31st, 30th, occasionally the 28th, and very rarely the 29th. Please consult a calendar for details. :rolleyes:

And yeah, it takes them about a week to pay me and get me the detailed rake reports - this adds at least 1-2 days EVERY month, since they have yet to actually send me the reports as an attachment on the email that says "Here is the report, blah blah blah." EVERY single month, I have to respond to the email, tell them there is no attachment, and have them resend it to me.... WITH the attachment. *sigh*

Once I have the reports, I pay you guys within 24 hours.

pab151423 12-23-07 12:56 AM

I am new to this forum today and I was wondering if you can sign up for Rakeback with an existing account. If not,are you allowed to have more then one account on a site?

Never mind answered my own question ill make a new account

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