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Spidey44 05-21-08 01:10 PM

Free $25 Revolution Money Exchange (similar to paypal)
Yes, I make a whopping $10 for all referrals... Anyway, it's a similar site as Paypal. You get $25 for signing up and $10 for new referrals for now... Not sure how long it lasts. Takes just a couple minutes to sign up and the money is put in your account almost immediately. I haven't withdrawn to my bank yet, but once my "small deposits" are verified, I plan on it. I signed myself and my wife up very easily and quickly... Anyway, if you want a free quick $25, click the following:

Talking Poker 05-21-08 01:32 PM

Always read the fine print:

Spidey44 05-22-08 12:31 PM

Hey TP, I just signed up Monday and I still got the $25. It still works.

Talking Poker 05-22-08 01:00 PM

I'll believe it when it's in your bank account. Like, a real bank account - not their virtual online one, where they say they can take back the $25 any time they want.

Hopefully I am wrong though - GL.

Spidey44 05-22-08 04:41 PM

No, I hear ya... I just attached it to my account last night so hopefully I'll verify tomorrow and withdraw. I will let you know how it goes.

Spidey44 05-23-08 10:42 AM

Ok, two small deposits verified and I just withdrew $35 to my bank. I'll let you know what happens.

Spidey44 05-28-08 09:40 AM

Withdraw hit my account today with zero fees.

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