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Talking Poker 01-12-08 01:51 PM

I have last month's stats and have been paid by Full Tilt, but my payments to you guys may be a little bit delayed this month with me being out of town and having limited access right now. I'll try to get it done from here, but may not. Payments will be made by Thursday at the latest. If anyone REALLY needs to be paid before then, PM me and I'll make it happen.


Talking Poker 01-15-08 02:49 PM

Done and done. :thumbsup:

bunny 01-15-08 03:29 PM

-nada- :donkey

Should probably work on playing there more often than I do now, eh?

Invigilator 01-15-08 04:55 PM

Man, I love this deal.

jakebarf 01-15-08 07:03 PM


Can you check and make sure full tilt is tracking me under you. I have just started playing there this month but wanted to make sure you and I both get credit!

Talking Poker 02-05-08 03:19 PM

January's transfers are complete. Enjoy the monies!

If anyone has any questions or wants an exact breakdown, just PM me.

New Guy 03-07-08 01:37 PM

When does rakeback usally get distributed?

Talking Poker 03-07-08 02:35 PM

Within 24 hours of when they pay me. I think they say by the 15th, but it's almost always sooner than that, usually around a week or 10 days into the next month.

Looking backwards (scrolling up in this thread), I see that I've paid you guys on the 5th, 12th, 7th, 9th, 9th, 10th.... you get the idea.

New Guy 03-07-08 07:10 PM

kewl thanks

Talking Poker 03-10-08 06:44 PM

February: Done, done, and done.

And you guys suck. Granted it was my best rakeback month ever, but I NEARLY singlehandedly earned more in RB at Full Tilt last month than ALL of you chumps combined! :rolleyes:

Robbr25 03-10-08 06:52 PM

Hey I was 4X my highest rakeback yet, lol.

Invigilator 03-10-08 11:49 PM

Micro stakes with kids; I do what I can. ;)

FWIW, although I know that FTP rake calculations don't likely equal the way PT records it, the program reports my rake is already better this month, since I moved up to 50 max.

Which by the way is going well (slow but steady).
Fewer idiots, but the few are glaring.:cool:

PShabi 03-12-08 02:39 AM

Sigh...I remember earning 4 figs monthly in rb back at Party 5/10 LHE:(. I pulled $50 at FTP this month!!


JDMcNugent7 03-12-08 03:59 AM

ha same, $90 this month. by far my lowest ever

sjay2k 03-12-08 04:28 AM

$69, ship! lol

Talking Poker 03-12-08 09:49 AM

MyPetTurtle was actually negative.

Step it up, punks!

Talking Poker 04-14-08 02:46 PM

March's RB payments have been completed.

Apologies for taking a couple of extra days this month - I was out of town when FT sent the monthly reports, and thought I posted here saying I'd make the payments today, but I guess I didn't.

JDMcNugent7 04-14-08 02:58 PM

$7 lol omg.
i need to play again i hope i play a ton during this summer i have made like nothing this year, prob actually down alot.

juiCe[3x] 04-14-08 05:17 PM

My biggest rakeback, more than 1/3rd my initial deposit from NewGuy on FTP. =)

Invigilator 04-14-08 06:49 PM

my biggest RB to date (not saying much).

That beign said, April will be less than impressive on the RB scene.

Talking Poker 05-08-08 05:48 PM

April's RB payments have been shipped.


Talking Poker 06-06-08 03:31 PM

May's payments are on their way.

jakebarf 06-07-08 12:49 AM

Nice $96 is my biggest yet.

Thanks TP

hackers238 06-09-08 10:55 AM

Thanks for handling this TP, this deal is awesome.

Talking Poker 07-10-08 01:44 AM

I made June's payments earlier today, but forgot to post.

As always, any questions or requests for a breakdown, shoot me a PM.

Invigilator 07-10-08 08:44 AM

Thanks TP. I am predicting record RB for next month!!!

Talking Poker 08-11-08 07:05 PM

July's RB payments have been sent.

Welcome back, JD. It's about time!

Talking Poker 09-11-08 03:40 AM

August's RB payments have been shipped.

$20 withheld for lightfungus and $40 withheld for Kurn, as discussed.

As always, if anyone wants a breakdown, just shoot me a PM.

Talking Poker 10-09-08 05:57 PM

September's RB payments have been shipped.

Talking Poker 11-08-08 05:50 PM

October's payments have been sent. PM me with any questions.

Talking Poker 12-10-08 11:58 AM

November's RB payments have been shipped.

Welcome back, JD......... :)

Talking Poker 01-11-09 11:54 PM

December's RB payments have been shipped.

As always, any questions or requests for breakdowns, etc, just shoot me a PM.

Talking Poker 02-05-09 03:06 PM

January's RB payments have been shipped - nice and early this month, thanks to FT getting me the reports today...

Any questions, let me know.

Talking Poker 03-10-09 02:54 PM

February's RB payments have been made. Hit me up if you have any questions.

Talking Poker 04-12-09 01:56 AM

March = Shipped.

Talking Poker 05-11-09 01:58 PM

FYI: I'm out of town right now. I received the monthly reports from Full Tilt, but may not get a chance to process them and make RB payments right away. I'll try my best to find time to get through them in the next couple of days, but no promises.

Thanks for your patience, guys.

Talking Poker 05-14-09 11:45 PM

April's payments have been shipped. Sorry for the delay this month.

And holy crap, JD - Nice RB payment, sir! (More than everyone else COMBINED)

de-coder 05-15-09 05:42 PM

wow - I suck.

melioris 05-22-09 01:37 PM

withdraws affect RB now
This info has been validated on several RB sites, although I do not have confirmation yet from FTP. But it seems like ordering a withdraw from FTP via check results in a $15 player fee assessed against your monthly MGR. So it costs roughly $4.something against your RB to get a check from FTP. Rumor has it that other withdraw methods also results in a player fee, all except for echecks.

Just as a FYI. Personally, I think this is fine and getting a check is still my preferred way to move money off of FTP. I am not baller enough to do bank transfers and echecks suck as FTP stores your bank info and each echeck has a $995 cap (or so I was told).

PShabi 05-22-09 07:35 PM

Man, I need some dick.

Talking Poker 06-09-09 10:46 PM

May's RB payments have been shipped.

Talking Poker 07-10-09 07:30 PM

June's payments have been shipped.

Don't forget to clear your mid-year Iron Man bonuses this month!

kkirk1329 07-10-09 09:41 PM

thank you sir

Talking Poker 08-07-09 12:33 PM

July's RB payments have been shipped.

Talking Poker 09-09-09 12:18 PM

August's RB payments have been shipped. Lots of people had deductions for bonuses and whatnot last month, so as always, if you have any questions or would like to see a detailed breakdown of how your RB was calculated, just shoot me a PM.

GL this month!

Talking Poker 10-14-09 10:57 PM

September's payments have been shipped.

Sorry for the delay this month, but FT only got me the monthly reports today, for whatever reason.... definitely later than usual.

Talking Poker 11-04-09 05:59 PM

And Full Tilt follows up their slowest ever month with their fastest ever month.

October's RB payments have been shipped. GL this month! :thumbsup:

kkirk1329 11-04-09 06:47 PM

Ty sir. :cheers:

JDMcNugent7 11-04-09 09:19 PM

Thanks, esp considering it's pretty much the only $ I have online right now. Making my first deposit ever, poker sucks sometimes guys.

On what I think is def my worst run ever in poker. I've lost more in a few months that I have this time, but this time I'm playing 2/4 and 3/6 and getting it in good and just losing pretty much every pot that matters. This year has just sucked, hopefully I can turn it around at PCA, think that's where all my luck is gonna change.

Talking Poker 12-13-09 03:23 PM

November's RB payments have been shipped.

Don't forget to qualify for your Year End Iron Man bonuses this month. See Cashier/My Promotions/Iron Man Challenge for details.

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