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Kurn 11-07-13 02:00 PM

Weight Loss - Brag
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Back about 4 years ago, I posted the following:

Photo from the MM$2.5M in Jan 2007, I weighed ~260
Brag photo with me by the uneaten brownies I was ~215

Below is from this past weekend 174.4. Healthy food + Planet Fitness FTW

sjay2k 11-08-13 09:41 PM

Wow congrats... fildy too I understand

Reel Deal 11-18-13 01:37 PM

Very impressive! Well done, congrats!

Robbie Robb 12-04-13 01:31 PM

Congrats! I'm working on losing some but haven't lost nearly the amount you have nor have I lost nearly the amount I want to yet. Actually, have gained back about 10 lbs of what I lost that I need to work on. Not having a home really messes with routine and such...LOL

Fildy 12-13-13 03:35 AM

My bad. If I had seen this posy I would have posted my brag here too. Good on ya kurn!

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Talking Poker 02-24-14 08:40 PM

Very nice!

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