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Old 08-26-13, 07:15 PM
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Default Parx 300 FT (Back to back! Weeee)

So the first tourney I play after Vegas is at Parx. Matt Glantz took control of the poker room and designed a championship style structure for a very small buy ins. 30k in chips 45 min levels day 1 and 90 day 2. For a 300 buy in. Ended up getting a total of 1316 entries.

3 starting days and I play Day 1A. I was in 5th gear from the start of the tournament just abusing the table and crushing pots. I built a 80k stack quickly without any major pots that I can remember.

The first major pot I remember was a new guy was moved to the table and was quickly becoming a nuisance. He as opening a ton, isolating limpers every time and just shoving chips in the pot. Three times on his BB there had been 3+ limpers and he had overjammed like 40 Bigs in and taken the pot down. (He actually lost an unfortunate 4 bet pot w KK vs 65s on a 66x board to get fairly short). So theres a few limps and I limp QQ on the button, expecting him to over jam as usual. SB completes and he indeed obliges. I snap him off he flips 88 and I hold to vault over 130k.

Don't really recall many pre dinner hands but I ended off at 241k and overall chip leader (195k second) at dinner break. I get moved tables shortly after dinner. First pot of significance I remember I open the KT to 8k after 2 limpers. Vivek Rajkumar (sp?) flats directly to my left, a tough player flats out of the BB and two donks (the limpers) both flat. 5 ways.

Flop Q96r

BB and limpers check to me and I figure even 5 way this is a board that misses a lot of people and all non Queens (and 99/66 obv) should fold so I fire 17.5k. Folds around to UTG limper who calls last limper folds.

I had played a previous hand w this opponent where I opened A6 and he defended from his Big. Flop came 843 w 2 clubs he checks and I cbet and he calls. Turn came 7 giving me extra outs and he checked, I double barrelled and he literally beat me into the pot. River blanked he checked and I gave up. He flips 42o and scoops. So needless to say I was done with the hand lol.

Turn comes a 9 he checks and I check.

River comes a 2 and he leads out for 22.5k

Im like this is kinda weird. Nothing besides a 9 should bet this river. And he certainly could have a 9 (hes called middle pair before but that was heads up not 5 handed) but if he doesn't I don't see any Queens that he limps UTG and then value bets the river with.... so Im like he has to have 87 or JT right? There's close to 100k in the pot with his bet, I really think Im good more than 1 in 5 times here, so I call. He says I missed and I don't flinch... he mucks and I flip KT for the 120k pot scoop.

I kinda flutter out late day 1 and go into the last level with 285k. They announce 5 more hands left in the day and my plan is to not really get involved since Im very happy with a 285k stack going into day 2. On the 2nd to last hand UTG (250k) opens the 2k/4k blinds to 9k and I opt to flat UTG+1 w JJ. The BB calls as well.

Flop comes T73 with two hearts. BB checks PFR checks and I bet 14.5k BB calls and PFR folds. Turn is a 9. BB checks. I think its very close between betting and pot control checking here, but opt to bet 27k. BB check raises me to 102k. I puke fold and he flashes me 33. end the day with 236k. 5k less than what I had at dinner

I start day 2 by making a tough call w AA against the BB after being cr'd on the flop and barrelled into on the turn. To be honest I don't think I can call a river shove and Im glad he gave up. I forget the board but it wasnt pretty.

The next major pot involved a raise pre and flat and I three bet KK out of the big. PFR folds but flattor calls.

Flop came Q64 with two diamonds and I lead and flattor pops me. Pretty shitty spot, he certainly would play 66 or 44 this way, but I opt to jam with KK with K figuring I have some backdoor outs worst case. He calls for his tournament life and 95% of my stack is at risk. He flips 98 and I fade to essentially double. I get moved again and have this extremely annoying asian two to my left and a very solid player directly to my right. I roller coaster the table get moved again and then end the day with 1.7 Mil with 23 players left.

I start day three hovering around the same 1.7 mark until UTG opens and two players flat. Im on the button and look down at QQ and three bet fairly large. Folds back to UTG who ships for 1.5 Mil. Folds around to me and I just hate these spots preflop for such giant chunks of chips. I tank a little and finally say my hand looks like such a steal and its so strong I cant fold. So I call for 90% of my stack and he flips AK. Flop comes JJT which is great since it cancels his straight draw and if he pairs up I pick up straight draw outs. It blanks out and I almost double. I knock out a few short stacks (one notable I remember was winning a race AQ vs 88) and we reach the final table. The chip leader is a very solid player with 7.1 Mil and I am in second with 5.7. The annoying asian from day 2 is in third with 5.

Me and the chip leader have had some history in the past of raising wars preflop light and such. I knock out a short stack who shoves the CO and I call with A8s out of the big and felt him (K8s). Sam (chip lead) had dwindled down to about 6 Mil and I have about 7 at this point... when the sickest spot in the entire tournament occurred.

I get a Facebook alert from a fellow player saying gl and the young kid sam with the chip lead is very good. Stay out of his way unless you need to. Sam is seated two to my right and I tell me "Sam you're getting some love on my facebook" He laughs and is like oh yea? Im like yea my boy just said the young kid sam who's chip lead is very good stay out of his way unless you need to. He laughs and I say "Just so you know- I don't plan on taking his advice" and we both kinda laugh... the next hand is being dealt as we finish this dialogue

It folded around to him in the CO and he opens the 40k/80k blinds to 175k. Button folds and I look down in the SB and find AA for the second time this tournament. I three bet to 445k. He tanks before 4 betting to 1.2 Million.

Like I said we have history. Ive (value) 5 bet shoved AJ against his UTG open/4bet before in cash games lol. And I know he knows this.

I decide the best way to get him to spaz is to click back with enough room to (seemingly) fold, so I 5 bet to 2.2 Million. After a little he announces himself all in and its Kings vs Aces Sick cooler.

Flop comes 973 with two diamonds. I quickly look and see the K in his hand but notice the A in mine as well. I comment "got the diamond covered"

Turn comes: King ...................

I turn away in disgust and hear the whole table scream "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

I turn back see the River: Ace.


This changes the entire landscape of the table leaving me with 12.5 Million in chips and the second stack at 5 and change.

A little while later I felt another short stack Aces vs Kings again lol but it was a small pot.

I grind up to 17 Million with 7 players remaining with just under 40 Million total in play. I control 41% of the chips. We got on break and one player jokes at me "You wanna chop?" I laugh and say give me 85 and u guys take the rest. (Prizes were 86k for 1st 45k for 2nd 24k for 3rd 12k for 4th 10k for 5th ... I forget 6th and 7th) Guy responds "Don't laugh I might be able to do that for you..." So I get back with a few minutes in break remaining and the guy comes up to me and says "Would you take 70 right now?" I kind of hesistate for a moment saying "Ummm...." and he goes... "how about 75?" Im like 75?.... ok make it happen.

So he talks to the other players... and 4 out of the other 5 agree but one guy declines and wants to play. Two players are knocked out by other players and I knock the guy trying to make the deal out in 5th. The 4 handed chip counts are 17.5 mil for me and roughly 7 for everyone else.

The landscape changes when I open 88 from the button and the SB three bets me. I jam and he calls with QQ and doubles. I am down to about 12.7 he is up to about 13 the asian has about 7 and the short stack (chop blocker) has 5 and change. Some more play goes on with no stacks really changing people just passing chips back and forth.

We begin to discuss an ICM chop. The dealer deals a hand and we agree we will play this hand then run the numbers and see what happens.

I open QJ UTG to the 50k/100k blinds to 215k and the asian defends out of the BB. The flop comes QT2r. The asian leads out for 275k.

I have played with him for two days and I know how he plays. Two pair plus he is C/Ring me always and KQ+ he is three betting me always. So I have the stone cold nuts. I flat 275k planning on reeling him in.

Turn is a beautiful 4 completing the rainbow. He bets 400k

I give him a ten at this point and flat again, still reeling him in.

River is another beautiful card a 4. This time he leads for 1.9 Million though.


Ok he obviously doesnt have a ten anymore... but given my read I know he didnt flop big... so Im like I guess he must have J9 or less likely KJ... Kinda weird but I call.

He flips A4

Im like yuck so fuckin gross.

This brings him up to 9.9 Mil, me down to 9.7 Mill. The (now) chip lead has 12.4 mil and the short stack has 6ish.

We ICM it and it comes out to 47 for the chip lead 44 for the asian 43.5 for me and 38 for the shorty. Well actually a little off bc chip lead gave shorty 1500 to make it 38 since he really wanted to deal. This doesnt affect my money but annoys me to the point that Im about to block the chop unless I get 1500 also, but I know blinds are now 75k/150k and anything can happen and itd suck to leave in 4th with 12k when I can get 2nd place money so I just let it be and end up chopping it 4 ways.

Fun little 3 week stretch!
"Most of the money you'll win at poker comes not from the brilliance of your own play, but from the ineptitude of your opponents."
Old 09-20-13, 08:21 PM
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Awesome read Zy...congrats. Man, it is dead 'round here.
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