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Old 11-04-08, 06:36 PM
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Default Forex Trading Invesment (Warning: Almost certainly a scam)

Not sure if you'd prefer to have this in the SPAM section instead of General...if so feel free to move....

Recently I have made an investment in a company trading on the foreign exchange market. I was put on by a friend who was just starting, and whose uncle had been doing it for 2 years and was making very good returns each month.

All investments are 6 month investments. You can take out your profits each month, but you can not remove your initial investment for 6 months. At the end of each month you have the option of reinvesting your profits or pulling them out

Investments can be made as little as $100. there are 4 investment categories

I: $100- 3999
II: $4000-$19,999
III: $20,000-$49,999

Depending on your category, your estimated monthly returns vary. The company offers a maximum return of

I: 10%
II 14%
III 16%
IV 20%

If you agree to automatically reinvest your profits for 6 months, each level is bumped up 1% (11%, 15%, 17%, 21%) but you can't pull any profits or your initial investment out for 6 months.

So for example if you have $5000 invested and the company achieves maximum returns for the month you'd make $700 that month (14% of $5000). At the end of the month you could pull the $700 out or reinvest it (or half and half or whatever). This initial $5000 would have to remain in until the 6 months completed.

These maximum returns are not achieved every month, but thus far this year based on the records that I've seen the lowest month has been 11.48% out of a max 14% on category II with no negative months for the entire year. That means the worst months returns on a $5k investment have been $574

I can technically only personally vouch for the two months that I have been involved (13.2% last month and 11.48% in Sept ... the other months Ive read in the news archives of the site, and also been told through my friends uncle that they all were positive)


I: How much do you have invested in this?

I invested $5000 although my account now has more bc of my monthly reinvestments

II: Are you just being nice bringing this opportunity to us or is there something in it for you?

Like everything, there's a little something for me. You'd sign up through my affiliate link, and I receive 5% of your monthly profits (not taking away from yours, in addition to). Meaning if you make $500 I'd make $25...not much but with enough people that adds up. The more people I put on and the more money they invest lets me open up more levels which lets me make money off of your referrals and furthermore. On the website you can look at the entire model.

III: Why is the company just giving people money, what's in it for them?

Obviously they are making more money with your investment each month than they are giving to you. Thus they are making money with your money

IV: If that's the case why use this company? Why can't I invest myself and keep all of the profits?

You certainly can.... but me personally I have no idea what Im doing or where to invest. They appear to.

V: Are there any downsides?

Getting money in and out takes a little while -- 15-20 days, because deposits are done from your bank to a third party bank to the company (and the opposite for withdrawals). My friends uncle transfered money into my account for me so it took only a day, but obviously that won't be possible for him to do for everyone I sign up through. Also around the first of the month the website is extremely slow because there are a lot of people on it reinvesting their balances.

VI: The stock market is not doing this safe?

This is completely separate from the stock market and concerns trading of foreign currencies.

VII: Where is the headquarters of this company?

Panama. It has just recently expanded to the United States and is also available throughout Europe and South America. The website is defaulted to Spanish, but is available in French English Dutch, Italian and Portuguese as well.

I can only tell everyone that the results that Ive seen have been solid. In 6 months you can roughly double a 5k investment if you reinvest the profits each month and pull everything after 6 months (without any extra money from referring people etc) While of course this isn't guaranteed, I have seen the kind of money that my friends uncle is making and I was confident enough to throw $5000 in this....and Ive received returns of 11.48% and 13.2% (out of a possible 14% max) in the first two months that I've been involved.

For some of you ballers with bankrolls (TP, JD, Wes, SJay, Mayhem etc) or anyone else even interested in a small investment (minimum is only $100) I think this is a solid investment opportunity. Like I said, Im not guaranteeing anything (dont put in money u cant afford to lose blah blah blah), all I can say is that I have $5k invested personally, and I can tell you the results that I've seen thus far and the results that Ive been told by my friends cousin. If I didn't believe in this I wouldnt bring it up.

Anyone interested please respond here or PM if you'd rather and I'll get you a link and more information. I just wrote all this up myself now, so I may have left out stuff....any questions lemme know
"Most of the money you'll win at poker comes not from the brilliance of your own play, but from the ineptitude of your opponents."

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