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Wednesday, May 29, 2024    


Poker Etiquette

Online poker etiquette isn't much different from that of a live game.  Just because you're not face to face with your opponents doesn't give you the right to be a jerk.  Mind your manners and you'll get along just fine.

The following are a few specific tips relating to online poker etiquette (that should be obvious to you):
-Never talk about a hand while it's in progress. Specifically, don't reveal your hand after you fold.
-Try not to slow a game down.  Play at a reasonably fast pace.
-Don't overuse the chat.  Many players find it distracting and it slows the game down.
-Don't swear or be verbally abusive.  Treat other players as you would wish to be treated.

Some additional tips that relate to live games:
-Manage your table space reasonably.
-Wait for your turn to act.
-Don't splash the pot.  Arrange your chips neatly in front of you.
-Don't string bet.  Grab the amount of chips you intend to bet, and place them in one action.
-Don't hit on another player (or the dealer), no matter how attractive you find them.
-Show your hand quickly.  Don't allow your opponent to think he's won when you know he hasn't.
-Be modest when you win.


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