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Posted 03-05-09 at 03:05 PM by MAYHEM45

I feel pretty awesome right now. Set my alarm for 10AM this morning and didnt actually sleep through it for the first time in fucking months. Made a delicious breakfast and went to the gym for the first time in fucking months as well. Lets see if I can keep this up.

Ive been feeling like shit for a while now and figured it must be due to staying up till 5am every nite and eating like shit/ being a lazy slob. I gained 10 pounds in two fucking weeks for fucks sake! I've also noticed that I can't really function in normal society very efficiently, because I'm often dead tired and that makes me anti-social to the point I get panic attacks (should probably see a doctor about this) Because of this I've put together a list of goals from here on out.

-bed at 2am or earlier, up at no later than 10am
-gym at least 4 days a week, 3 hours of cardio a week
-bring weight down to 170 from 185

These lifestyle changes should make it easier for me to find time to squeeze in some actual poker playing as well, so its win win.

PS. who else hates telling anyone they play poker? Saw my old personal trainer at the gym today and he asked what I was doing. I reluctantly told him and got the whole be careful with that stuff, you could lose all your money blah blah blah, fuck. The worst is talking to girls at this age who just assume I'm a degenerate /lifetilt
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    Zybomb's Avatar
    I agree 100% with the PS. I usually just make something up a lot of the time to avoid the awkward moments afterwards. "Internet marketing" is my favorite, avoids questions... It jus sucks when Im meeting a girl for the first time, because it's either start off with some kind of lie (generally bad) or risk having her have a bad impression of me (possibly bad) depending on her views....because there are also tons of people who think it's cool.

    What's kind of funny about it though is that if you said you opened a restaurant they'd be like oh wow that's awesome etc etc.... despite the fact that it has the same drawbacks of poker (no pension/retirement plan, benefits, paid vacation etc) and the same risk (more IMO) of failure or partial loss of investment
    Posted 03-05-09 at 05:05 PM by Zybomb Zybomb is offline
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    "I own a small, internet based risk management consultant firm"

    "no, no, really small, like I am the entire company, but I really like the freedom it allows me...."
    Posted 03-05-09 at 06:25 PM by melioris melioris is offline

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